LET'S RESOLVE THIS ISSUE was (Re: Made a deal to get a Vax6000,2 Fujitsu Supercomputers and TOPS10???)

From: Al Kossow <aek_at_spies.com>
Date: Thu Nov 25 11:26:11 1999

"We've got quite a few sets of eyes and ears sensitive to looking for minis
on this list, not just micros --including folks with close connections to
scrappers-- and there are relatively few alerts raised as to 780 or 750
(and other big iron mini) availabilities vs. your contention many types are

A friend of mine in Milwaukee has an 11/780 he'd like to sell, if anyone
near there wants it. It will be a non-trivial de install, though (it's in
a basement).

If someone is serious about this, I can forward his phone number / email adr.
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