Got a partial list of some of this load... (FUJITSU/VAX)

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Thu Nov 25 15:08:37 1999

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Subject: Got a partial list of some of this load... (FUJITSU/VAX)

> Vax 6000/610 63AMDYE

Be sure and check the right hand cage and count the cpu boards.
They often get extras added after-market, and the placard on the front
usually doesn't get changed. A 6210 can be a 6340 in disguise.
(I have seen several like that)
BTW, the 600 series is the fastest of the 6000's, but 500 & 600 series
cpus won't run in a 200/300 or 400 series chassis without a backplane
mod or an extra card in the XMI cage to deliver some different voltages
it needs. Bound to be someone who would like the whole machine, I
haven't seen a 500 or 600 series 6000 at a scrapper here yet..
(I want one!)

> I have found out they will be scrapping two VAX8000 series units (huge)

It will be harder to save these. They are truly huge, both size/weight and
power/cooling requirements wise.

> along with the 750s, some micro vaxes [many] (oops, can't say that ---
> undesirables)

LOTS of people would like 750's & microvaxes I'm sure. Sigh. Pity you are
the wrong side of the bloody ocean.


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