From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Thu Nov 25 16:26:44 1999

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Enrico Badella wrote:
>> > Does your friend have a 1A? spectrum analyser plugin for a 545? I have no use
>> > for it but always dreamed to have one ;-)
>> You mean a 1L? (1L5, 1L10, 1L20, 1L30 IIRC). It's on my wish list as well :-)
>You are probably correct. I have buried this wish since you cannot find
>them easily in Italy unless you are willing to shove out at least 800 euros
>This make me wonder who is still using 5xx scopes and has that kind of
>money to spend. No a hobbyist certainly.

  I know of lots of shops and labs (and lots of colleges, as well) who are
still using 5xx-series scopes. It's not like they stop working or anything,
they're just "not the latest thing". They work just fine. That's why those
higher-end plugins still hold their value.

  A 5xx scope with a 1Lx spec-an plugin is an affordable, easy way to get a
nice spectrum analyzer. Most people usually can't touch a "real" (dedicated)
spectrum analyzer (even a moldy-oldy!) for anywhere near that price. With even
older HP141-series units pulling upwards of US$1000 with the 18GHz plugin,
those large heat-producing Tek 5xx units with 1Lx plugins start to look real
appealing. :)

                 -Dave McGuire
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