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Date: Thu Nov 25 17:00:58 1999

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Date: Thursday, November 25, 1999 5:10 PM
Subject: Re: Grrrrrr

>> Exactly, reality kicks in. You can't run a big IBM in your home... sorry,
>Care to explain why not? I am pretty sure there are collectors in the UK
>with 308x IBM mainframes that they're either running or fully intend to
>get running.
>> not going to happen. People only want the minis they can run easily at
>> and something that does not disrupt the house as it is.

WOW! Thats amazing.. Great! When I post it here then I should expect someone
to buy the system right???????

>That's news to me... I want machines that are _difficult_ to run (the
>easy ones are no challenge...). And disrupting the house is no real
>problem either...
>> Most collectors want:
>If ever there had to be proof of the damage that these sort of
>'collectors' are doing to the history of computing then this is it.

That's right,,, they are all wrong and you are *right*?????

>> The first computer they ever touched (that's where I come in)
>> An old transistor mini
>> Maybe a PDP-8/11....
>Fortunately, few of us here are 'most collectors'. People here do not
>(necessarily) want the 'popular' machines. Many of us what the machines
>we had never heard of...

Mee too. I have quite a colelction myself.. (and not the popular ones)

>> Most others aren't worth the cost of shipping.
>If ever I find out that you've scrapped certain machines, the known
>number of which remaining can be counted on the fingers of one hand (in
>unary!), then I will not be responsible for my actions.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH.. That's funny .. sit here and whine about the minis
being crushed but you do *nothing* proactive to seek out and *save* those
units... All wind, no action gets you


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