do you still need XT parts?

From: B'ichela <>
Date: Fri Nov 26 00:33:00 1999

        Originally I did not, as at the time I dumped all of my Xt's I
just happened to get another ORIGINAL IBM-XT system. its an Original
IBM-PC system. so to answer your question. YES!!! I need to find a working
8 bit Ethernet card for it (NE1000?) or a Compaticard II or IV controller
to Handle High Density disks. Right now it has a SEgate 8bit IDE
controller card, which I would like to replace with a MFM card (I only
have TWO ST3251A/X IDE drives. IDE and I are not on talking terms
thoughi, IDE HATES ME, I want my SCSI or MFM!
I would love to find another 8 bit SCSI Trantor Controller such as the
T130B with the manual/software. Email back to me or call me at
860-423-2214 after 6PM Eastern Standard Time. ask for Michele Marie.
        For this brute, I need a CGA Monitor or color Composite monitor.
Right now the system has a CGA/Composite Video board, I am using the
Composite output to drive a Tandy VM11 (Actually the monitor is being used
next door to watch TV (yeah its GREEN, but surpisingly its works great
with DIRECTTV Satalite television.)). I have been looking for YEARS to get
a Commodore 1702 Composite Monitor, This Commodore monitor supports
standard Audio/Video in additon to S-VHS! video!! (you need a custom cable
to be made to bring the Lumance and Chromance out as two RCA plugs
        An IBM-AT style keyboard by BTC would be nice. its not a clicky
but I had one long ago on an old Hyundai XT that I used to have. Got one
of those hiding around. I am going forward this to clasiccomp computers
list also.
        I will summarise the pieces I am looking for below in detail:
        1 Trantor T130B Scsi card with disks
        1 Commodore 1702 Color Monitor (for computer/TV use)
        1 BTC AT style keyboard that works on Xts
        1 A better Motherboard (groan) or a new Bios for the IBM-Pc board.
        1 Working 8 bit Ne1000 compatible 10base2 card/w packet drivers
        NCSA Telnet.
        Scsi Hard drives, any size from 40mb and up.
        1 Cassette cable for the IBM-PC computer
        More US computer power cords!
        Memory! especially 4mb x 9 by 30pin simms at least 60ns (for the
big bad ole 486 Linux file server
        1 8087 math coprocessor chip for the XT (system is only 4.77mhz
        Hyndai/Blue Chip computer system.
        While we are on the commodore side (I am making this request to
anyone that can help me here.
        In addition to the 1702. does anyone have a originall Commodore
64/128/128D computer and working 1541 floppy snail (if you know commodore,
you know why the drive is a snail, I found a 1571. Only need a serial
cable and the 1571 disks for that one and a 1541), Serial cables for
drive, power cords, Datasette unit, (I have an Okimate 120 printer, not
sure if it works though, a manual for this would help). serial cables
Communications software. Rs232 serial adaptor (the thing that plugs into
the user port/or quicklink II adaptor, fastload cartridge, software disks.
I gave mine away, (sighhh, I want one again). I
think some of my books are still at my parents. Might go home during
Christmas to look for them.

                A pearl of wisdom from the y2K newsgroups:
Y2K appears to be the Baby Boomers mid-life crisis, and it has the
potential to be a dandy.
                        -- Anonymnous --


On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Jeff Jonas wrote:

> I found a note that you were once asking for
> a PC-XT hard disk controller.
> Do you still need any parts?
> Jeffrey Jonas
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