(fwd) 1976 Apple-I (Apple-ONE) up for auction sale

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Date: Fri Nov 26 06:26:39 1999

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Subject: Re: (fwd) 1976 Apple-I (Apple-ONE) up for auction sale

> >Details: http://members.cts.com/sd/d/dave314x

> VALUE: 1976: $ 666 (**A)
> 1984: 12,500 (**B)
> 1997: 40,000 (**C)
> 1999: 59,000 est. (**D)
> 2009: 414,000 projected (**E)
> *********

> I think the **D is for dreaming. I would be VERY surprised if an open offer
> by any legitimate museum of about $10k would not get them a WORKING unit.

And **B is for Bold Whish - did you notice that he _WRITES_ into a book ?
Also **C is for Crazy Boy, well, and both are just esimated values,
Latrienengeruechte (in German, could be translated as latrine rumour ?sp?).
None is based on a real sale. We all remember the different atempts
to sell A1's at unresonable prices. And **D as a projection of 76->97,
is, even when considering his basevalues, just a joke (he just ignores
the '84 'measurement' otherwise he might get a declining increase ...)

I'd be _very_ surprised if this will result in any sale above USD 4K.
(And I'd be even more surprised if he will accept that). But since I
belive that he will setup a min bid of 10K (or something similar
unreasonable) he will get no bid at all.

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