Whats the screwiest thing you collect?

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Fri Nov 26 20:45:04 1999

>I collect bridge boards.
>I can't help it-- I have a fetish for bridge boards. All makes:
>Emulex, DTC, Xebec, WD, Adaptec, etc. All kinds of configurations:
>Cpu<->MFM (ala wd-1000), SASI<->MFM, SCSI<->ESDI, SASI<->QIC30,
>all kinds.
>The SCSI<->SMD configuration still eludes me, however. I know
>they exist (Adaptec ACB-55xx), though I've never seen one. Docs
>are *really* hard to get. Still looking for the docs for the
>Emulex MD-23, possibly the best darned SCSI<->ESDI bridge
>ever made: Handles four drives at up to 24MHz data rate. Smokin'.

Something I've been wondering about. These boards look to have been used
to convert ESDI to SCSI for stuff like Apollo's and Sun's. Could they be
used to convert a SCSI drive to work on an ESDI controller?

Feel free to ask if I'm out of my Freaking mind, I've never really taken
the time to look at them. Actually not sure I want to know, I think I gave
the box of such things away.

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