LET'S (old topic)/and PDP-8I code/update

From: John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Sat Nov 27 08:15:14 1999

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Subject: Re: LET'S (old topic)/and PDP-8I code/update

>--- John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca> wrote:
>> I got the 8I finally to lead a tape properly.. First a quick memory
>> I am going to put up a bunch of little programs on my webpage so folks
>> test devices without trying to get a paper tape up (will do TTY, and
>> basic INST test, and some more core tests)
>Thank you, John. That's just the sort of thing I can use right now. My
>PDP-8 assembler skills are _very_ rusty and its helpful to see working
>that fits on one page to get my mind back in the right frame. I think it's
>been 15 years since I wrote anything from scratch.

Your welcome. I think they will help a lot of people out as *most./all* of
the 8 has to be running to get MAINDECs fed in.I will have the programs up
on the page by Monday morning. I am having to restore PDP-8s *really* fast
so I have to be able to find problems quickly.

The most important useful <1 page programs I have had to write (over the
past day) are:

memory test
memory test with parity option
memory - inhibit driver test (very small) - scope needed
memory -X/Y test (very small) - used to find X/Y driver problems with scope.
tty software loopback
tty continuous output generator (character selected on SR)
tty device selection test (scope needed.. checks flags and W103s)
high speed paper tape continuous reader
high speed paper tape 1/0 test
high speed punch test (select character to be punched on SR)
high speed paper tape copier (less than 20 bytes or it's free! ;-) )

If you can think of any others that would be needed please tell me as I want
to get them all done and tested.

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