[OT] They're restarting Chernobyl?

From: Carlos Murillo <cem14_at_cornell.edu>
Date: Sun Nov 28 00:25:26 1999

I know, bad form to reply to my own post, but I kept on reading the
report and found more specific stuff:

At 12:46 AM 11/28/99 -0500, I wrote:
>>From the numbers quoted, a little over 10000 cases of thyroid cancer
>(which has a 10% mortality rate), mostly in children, can be blamed on

The exact figure until 1996 was actually 800 people in the three most
exposed countries.

Projections of excess cancers resulting in death over the lifetime of all
those exposed have been revised downwards continuously. They are currently
at about 7000, but the lack of incidence of leukemia (compared to what they
expected) is making people to further downgrade the expected death toll.
Of course, many people venture figures; Greenpeace estimates that the
death toll will eventually be 30000, but most cancer epidemiologists
disagree, according to the report.
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