The Computerist's Video Plus board

From: John Lewczyk <>
Date: Sun Nov 28 01:12:41 1999

I just dug out an old single board computer which was made by a company
called "The Computerist" which is called a "Video Plus", probably around
1981-82. Its a 6502 based board with the same form factor as the Kim-1 and
I believe the same pin outs on the two 44 pin edge connectors. It has some
6522 vias and some video signal generating chip, a composite video output,
sockets for eprom, four 2114 ram, etc.

Does anybody have documentation on this board? I lost mine years ago when
I sold off my old KIM-1 stuff :-( and would like to resurrect this board.
Its in very good shape, but is missing some socketed chips. Need docs
though to get anywhere.

Any leads would be appreciated, even a contact to someone who ran the
company or worked there could help. They had a lot of neat products!

P.O. Box 3, S. Chelmsford, MA 01824


John Lewczyk
Received on Sun Nov 28 1999 - 01:12:41 GMT

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