eMail: Capital offense?

From: Nick Oliviero <>
Date: Sun Nov 28 13:50:44 1999

Sorry for going a bit off-topic here. I normally have no qualm about
including my company email in my postings, it has resulted in some
interesting and useful dialogue since the topic *resembles* my work. But
a story that aired here in Houston yesterday gave me some pause to
think. It told of 3 workers at a midwest company who were terminated for
........ RECEIVING !! ... non-work-related email.

As usual with radio news, few details were provided. Was it spam? Was it
blatant personal mail? I wonder if anyone else has run across this
story. While I don't believe that my own company would be this
arbitrary, one has to wonder ..... if your employer Really wanted to get
rid of you .......

Nick Oliviero
Received on Sun Nov 28 1999 - 13:50:44 GMT

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