Obsolete media -- wanted a non-three phase RP06

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Date: Sun Nov 28 14:26:16 1999

>> It would be great if there was a massbus interface for a more recent
>> tape drive, and the same for a disk... it would be neat to be able to
>> have a DAT tape acting like a TU77 or something supported by the machine,
>> and a couple of SCSI or even IDE disks acting as RM03 or RP06 disks...
>> (anyone know of any? Anyone up for the challenge of designing one?)

>Well, considering the DEC Massbuss patent and that they damn near sued
>anyone who used it to death... I don't think it will get much interest.
>I don't know any company out there that would consider it.

Luckily, a company called SETASI did consider, and has been selling
Massbus-compatible interfaces to "modern" drives for the past
two decades.

DEC, as a matter of fact, has been selling several SETASI-produced
units for the past several years. The SETASI Shelby has been listed
as the DEC RM06 and RP12 in the DEC Systems and Options catalog for some
time now.

See http://www.setasi.com/DECPP.html for details.

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