Cool haul this weekend.

From: John B <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 08:33:45 1999

Managed to pick up:

2 more H901 DEC educational/prototyping flip chip panels
35 DECtapes with 2 rack mount holders, software is mostly PDP-9, some PDP-8
(OS/8) and a couple PDP-15.
PDP-10 Applications in Physics manuals.
8" IBM disks (bunch).. cool for the Sykes 7150.
KM-11 plastic templates
A bunch of Nova software magtapes

*just* started one storage unit and found 4 complete RK11-D controller sets
still in the BA-11s (from Ontario Paper).

Viewed the Fujitsu Super Computer (WOW!)

Looks like the next load will be half a dozen PDP-8s in Georgia.

I will post all my *micro PDP-8 diagnostics* later today.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


PDP-8 and other rare mini computers
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