C-64 Comms program

From: Ken Guenther <ken_g_at_MailAndNews.com>
Date: Mon Nov 29 22:19:15 1999


I still have my C-64 and 300 baud modem. I know I have the Comms program
somewhere. I'll search for it and get back with you.


>===== Original Message From classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu =====
>I have a lovely C-64 with 1541 disk drive and original Commodore 300 baud
>modem.. but no software for the modem. Is anybody willing to make me a
>copy of some disk with the Comms program on it? Basic utilities would also
>be appreciated. I've considered making a cable to write with the drive on
>my linux box but it's just not worth the effort.
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