Fujitsu Update

From: John B <>
Date: Tue Nov 30 15:37:18 1999

I made a full list and here it is (with a picture of the system):

F6470A (2) - tape cartridge system, 16 carts _at_ 400MB each

M770 - main supercomputer(s) (looks like 4 cabinets), at least 100MB RAM,
MSP/EX , and XSP operating system (other operating systems as well). No idea
of speed, bus width, anything else... I do know both mainframes) were
connected together through a high speed data channel.

There seems to be some SUN 4-490 front-end computers. No idea on any more
than that.-- they look nice.

F1751E (2 of them) - 60? tapes X 400MB = huge tape cartridge unit. Total
storage ????

There are also some memory expanders?? a high speed 2000?LPM printer, disk
RAID arrays (5GB each).

I have found a few sites still using this supercomputer, one as a
meteorological satellite data processing system, an engineering lab,....

Here is a picture of what the system looks like (I will put up real pictures

The vax 6000 has:

RA81 - 3 units
Vax 6000-610


1 pallet of power cords and system cables.

1 Omnigraphic Recorder. - 11 X 17" XY chart recorder. 2000CE
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