VAXstation vs MicroVAX (was Re: dammit...)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Nov 30 22:45:37 1999

--- Jim Strickland <> wrote:
> There are some substantial disadvantages to the 2000s. The biggest is they
> want MFM disks, which are hard to find these days. 3100s are SCSI machines.

And, MFM drives never got above ~150Mb. I have several RD54's just to keep
my MV2000's alive.

> Er. Let me qualify that and say VaxStation 2000s want MFM drives. Don't
> know about MicroVax 2000s.

Same thing. The hardware internally is identical. The difference is a
jumper to tell the hardware whether to use the framebuffer or not. From
an OS standpoint, moving the jumper gives a different model number, IIRC.
(KA-610 vs KA-630 or something like that, I forget the exact numbers).

The idea was that a VAX*station* would have a primary user and would only
get a two user license (one for the serial port on the back, presumably
for emergencies) and a MicroVAX 2000 would have many users, possibly on
the rare and optional 8-port serial expansion, possibly on a terminal server.
This way, you could get more money for the same software on the assumption
that more potential users means more latitude to charge for software.


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