PDP 11/23 PLUS needs saving

From: Andrew Davie <adavie_at_mad.scientist.com>
Date: Tue Nov 30 07:05:56 1999

Well, it's sort of 'saved' already; this machine is sitting in my garage.
But, I'm planning a move, and it HAS to go sometime sooner rather than
later. And if it comes to it, 'later' might mean that it goes to the TIP.
That would be a shame. Unit looks in good condition, and had the heads
professionally parked before I grabbed it. Has a floppy drive (RD-50?) and
some tapes, too. I've never tried powering it.
Unit is in Sydney (Australia), and I'm sure hoping somebody wants it. I'd
feel rather bad seeing it junked.
Totally free, of course.
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