Monitor tilt - return it? FOLLOWUP QUESTION

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 17:58:43 1999

Thanks to all for the advice on fixing the monitor tilt problem. Followup

I'm probably being overcautious - monitors have always scared me due to the
high possibility of shock hazzard. I believe it was Tony who said to
basically unscrew the "hose clamp like" ring, then gently turn the tube end
to adjust the screen. I'm doing this with power off because I'm a chicken
(and I still realize there's some voltage lurking around). On this monitor,
the "hose clamp like ring" unscrews easily. The ring itself was spread
slightly (mechanics piston ring expander type tool). I can tell the clamp is
quite loose. On the very end of the tube is a small circuit board, about 2
inches by two inches. This is soldered directly onto the 7 or so pins in a
circle on the back of the tube. Not wanting to touch the tube, I figured I'd
just gently turn the circuit card on the back. I have applied as much
pressure as possible without running the risk of bending or breaking the
pins coming out of the tube and into the circuit card. The thing won't turn.
I just wanted to double check with folks here and make sure I wasn't trying
to turn the end of the whole picture tube off! Suggestions?


Jay West
Received on Wed Sep 01 1999 - 17:58:43 BST

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