Newbie member saying something!!!

From: Hermz <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 19:26:07 1999

hello everyone.

Hey all, just this weekend I went to a flea market and bought my 2nd "classic'
computer. It is the original Compaq, to my knowledge. I paid $10 for it. I would
like to find out more info about this thing, all I know its a 8088 machine (WP
says so) and it has a internal drive thats about 10MB in size and its got 2 5
1/4 drives, which are useless to me (my other 4 computers are macs) If you know
or know a site about this thing I would be thrilled. OH yeah, I also have a nice
Mac Plus system, decked in platinum, and all I need is that dern 20MB drive that
sits under it..but I tink I found one, unless one of you know where I could find
one for cheap

Is da man!!</center>
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