FW: DEC plus lots of other for sale

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Wed Sep 1 19:33:34 1999

        Found on Usenet. Anyone interested, please contact this fellow

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>>From: geomac_at_hop-uky.campuscwix.net (George McCouch)
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>>Subject: DEC plus lots of other for sale
>>Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 16:30:34 -0600
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>>For Sale
>>We have just upgraded our editorial front end system and our business
>>system an have the following surplus equipment.
>>25 - 286 PCs mostly AST with thicknet network cards, some VGA cards, and
>>hard disk
>> drives
>>7 - 386 PCs AST but some generic (some 3.5 drives but mostly 5.25 floppy
>>12 - black and white and VGA monitors (mixed)
>>6 - Arc net hubs
>> core tape backup units
>> Keyboards (these things did not have mouse cards!)
>>20+ Sealed boxes of DOS 3.3 and Xywrite (word processor)
>>2 - Varityper 5000
>>2 - Tegra XP 1000
>>2 - RTI 8400 Compugraphics emulators
>>Several Racal modems
>>DEC PDP 11/44 mainframe unit
>>2 - RA 80 Drives
>>1- TU 80 9 track tape unit
>>Some VT 100 terminals
>>This system was a newspaper editorial system from ATEX (formally DeWars Systems)
>>The PDP was a newspaper business system.
>>Want to move all of it, not inclined to separate.
>>Located in Hopkinsville KY
>>Everything was working when we decommissioned it on 8/28/99 And we were
>>putting out a daily paper and several weekly papers with it for 9 years.
>>Make an offer (please)
>>Will consider donating to school or other institution who can use this stuff
>>For More Information Please Call
>>Richard Shepherd or George McCouch At:
>>Kentucky New Era Inc. 270-886-4444

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