Monitor tilt - fixed! (blushing very deeply)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 19:27:03 1999

> The biggest reason I didn't turn the
> coil part others were talking about was that it had a big line of hotglue
> around it, so it looked to me like it was supposed to stay put.
> I went back and delicately removed the line of glue, and the coil thingy
> turns easily. The picture is now perfect - so thanks a MILLION to all who
> responded (and didn't laugh too loudly <grin>). One last question if I can
> impose.... should I get out the hot glue gun and put another line of glue
> where the tube meets the coil in addition to tightening down the hose clamp
> doodad, or should I just skip the glue? Actually, it might not be glue, it
> looks like clear caulk.

I don't recall whether you're talking about a monochrome or color tube.

For a monochrome tube, adjusting the yoke is trivial. And yes, some glue
to keep it in place is a good idea, unless you want to adjust it again soon.

For a color tube, if you move the yoke you also have to deal with
color purity and convergence, which can be a major pain in the ass.
Once you get the purity adjusted (by turning the magnets), you definitely
want to make sure the yoke is not going anywhere.
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