Best CP/M machine?

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Date: Wed Sep 1 22:59:53 1999

Hello all:

I hope this is "classic" enough . . .

Though I've been involved with and have earned my keep with desktop
microcomputers for a period covering almost twenty years, I was in another
field during the time when CP/M was popular.

I'd like to add a CP/M based machine to my collection but as with all of my
old computers I want to have a system I can use for at least one
business-related application. This helps make my collection tax-deductable
as a business expense ;>) BTW, I don't mind writing my own code.

What was the best CP/M based machine for business? Are applications and
utilities still obtainable? What about development tools and documentation?

Your opinions, please.


Glen Goodwin
Received on Wed Sep 01 1999 - 22:59:53 BST

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