Best CP/M machine?

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Date: Thu Sep 2 07:32:29 1999

> What was the best CP/M based machine for business? Are applications and
> utilities still obtainable? What about development tools and documentation?

The short list is long!

 Kaypro (any)
 Compupro (s100 any)
 Northstar Horizon
 Even an IMSAI with a disk.

As to software check (I forget if it's net, org or com).
Also the OAK Archive ( You sould not have any difficulty
finding at least 10-20 sites with CPM-80 software. There were some 20,000
on the walnut creek CPM cdrom alone so thgere are plenty out there.

Development tools, I'd guess between 20-30 different languages alone
including all the well known ones (basic, Pascal, C, Fortran). Then there
are the assemblers linkers and editors. You will be able to find whole
applications as well for most any use.

It was not an orphan OS and was very actively used by many businesses
into the early 90s!

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