Speaking of CP/M... (Re: Best CP/M machine?)

From: Jeffrey l Kaneko <jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com>
Date: Thu Sep 2 10:08:01 1999


On Thu, 2 Sep 1999 01:31:26 -0400 (EDT) Jacob Ritorto <jritorto_at_nut.net>

<Cool stuff about MIX C ala c-128 SNIPed>

> PS. I'm still M$ free, BTW, but I sold out about three years ago and
> now use commodity hardware w/FreeBSD in addition to my pdp11s running
> 2BSD

You've aroused my interest with this. You run *BSD in a PDP-11? WHich
model PDP do you have that does this? I have a lead on an 11/73 I can
probably get for next to nothing (with a SCSI HD controller!).

I presume you're running Net/2 or some derivative thereof.


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