Speaking of CP/M... (Re: Best CP/M machine?)

From: Jacob Ritorto <jritorto_at_nut.net>
Date: Thu Sep 2 13:11:47 1999

Bro, BSD grew up on '11s (VAX11 included, of course ;-)... 2.9 BSD boots
on all my pdps and I have 2.11 plunking away on my 11/73 all the time. It
has all the tcp/ip stuff (telnet, ftp, etc) and works like a charm for me.
        Get that 11/73 and SCSI controller, definitely. If you decide not
to use it, I'd definitely be interested in acquiring the SCSI controller.
They're pretty expensive still and I can't afford one from a vendor. You
can buy a SCO 'ancient unix' hobbyist license for $100 and then download
the complete systems (I think they have everything for pdp/VAX from V5
on). See http://minnie.cs.adfa.oz.au and look for the PUPS section. I
have spoken with people who have a four-CD set of old unicies, so I guess
that's available somewhere, too. Can get info on it if you wish.

Good luck, and please keep me posted on that SCSI board if you're not
going to use it!


On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Jeffrey l Kaneko wrote:
> You've aroused my interest with this. You run *BSD in a PDP-11? WHich
> model PDP do you have that does this? I have a lead on an 11/73 I can
> probably get for next to nothing (with a SCSI HD controller!).
> I presume you're running Net/2 or some derivative thereof.
> Jeff
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