Speaking of CP/M... (Re: Best CP/M machine?)

From: Kevin Schoedel <schoedel_at_kw.igs.net>
Date: Thu Sep 2 19:40:16 1999

On 1999/09/02 at 2:11pm -0400, you wrote:
>[...] I have spoken with people who have a four-CD set of old unicies,
>so I guess that's available somewhere, too. Can get info on it if you wish.

That would probably be Kirk McKusick's set with 1bsd through 4.4. You
need a UNIX source license. http://www.mckusick.com/csrg/index.html

Coincidentally I got an 11/73 yesterday: saw it in a dumpster, bought it
(yes, really), and dragged it out. No disk, and damaged case, but with
luck the electronics will turn out OK.

Also got a Kontron PLA286 logic analyzer (not from the dumpster); this
even counts as on-topic here in its own right (though I got it to *use*),
since it's actually a 12-year-old luggable MS-DOS PC with capture cards
and control panel. Unfortunately it generated sound and smoke when I
powered it up; symptoms suggest the 12V supply died violently. Anyone
familiar with this machine? I have manuals but, not surprisingly, there
are no schematics.

I've no time to further examine either of these now, unfortunately.

Kevin Schoedel
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