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From: John Rollins <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 21:45:29 1999

>hmmm, if you have the A520 adaptor plugged in, you should be using
>the RF out plug, or least that's what i used on mine.
That works OK for a TV, but composite monitors don't like RF too much. I
have the C64 hooked up to the TV right now and I don't want to redo
everything right now.

>the disk drive shoud be polling for a system disk
Nope, nothing.

>the screen should show a hand holding a disk that says WORKBENCH.
Don't you need the disk for that? Or is it in ROM?

>check to see if there's a memory wedge installed undneath the computer.
There was. Reading the package carefully, it says Amiga 500 Deluxe. 512K
memory expansion pre-installed! Took it out and it still flashes the power
light. Thought there was no video for a second, but the A520 was just a
little loose. The power light flashes about once a second, and the screen
flashes every 10 seconds. Definitley something wrong.

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