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Date: Thu Sep 2 20:27:19 1999

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> So, now I have an Amiga 500 with p/s, A520 video adaptor
> and what looks like a printer cable. No disks :-(, but it did have the
> original box(wow! a 7MHz 68000 and 512K RAM!!!). Also got a C64 with 1541
> drive, two joysticks and probably 50-70 disks(haven't gotten around to
> counting. But hey, Pac-Man is in there!). The C64 seems to be working just
> fine(not sure about the drive yet), but the Amiga isn't. When I finally
> figured out how the A520 worked, all I could get on my Apple composite
> monitor was a green screen with a blank area at the top(looked kinfa like
> the video is off a bit inside the monitor, which is partially true but it's
> not THAT bad... just some hidden text on the edge usually) which blinks
> maybe every 10-15 seconds or so. No sounds, no text, not really any video
> at all. The power light is kinda flashing, maybe once every second or
> two(haven't timed it yet). Any ideas on what's wrong? I'll hold off on the
> how do I use it questions until after I finish raiding the local library of
> the computer books, but feel free to send me any tips and tricks for these
> systems...

hmmm, if you have the A520 adaptor plugged in, you should be using the RF out
plug, or least that's what i used on mine. the amiga wont beep, but the disk
drive shoud be polling for a system disk; you should hear it. the screen
should show a hand holding a disk that says WORKBENCH.
power light certainly shouldnt flash! check to see if there's a memory wedge
installed undneath the computer. It's under the trap door. try taking it out
for testing.
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