Best CP/M machine?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 10:27:46 1999

> > Unquestionably, if you're looking for a computer "brand" it would have to be
> > either a Kaypro or, of course, the Apple-II, with a Z-80 card, 16K memory
> > add-on, SVA 8" drive controller, and the VIDEX or similar 24x80 display
> > board. You could actually use that for useful work. At the age I'd reached
> > by 1980, (35) I was still able to read the Kaypro display, however, but the
> > full-sized one normally used with the Apple][ was easier to use. In any
> > case, I read somewhere that there were as many Apple ][ machines running
> > CP/M as any other single system.

> That would be very interested if documented. However, I find it very hard
> to believe!

Well, I have no numbers at hand and I think it is impossible
to get 'em (MS won't tell you and most cards have been clones)
but since a) the CPM card was less than USD 30 in the early 80s
(as clone), b) from around 1982 on almost every clone board
already incooperated a Z80 and c) almost every comercial CP/M
soft was also available in an Apple ][ version (different disk
format and some specialalities about I/O), I belive that one
can assume the Apple ][ with Softcard(-clone) as the #1 brand
CP/M system.

To publish my own opinion on that question:
a) Of course the Apple ][ - maybe with a Z80H subsystem (seperate
   64 to 128 K RAM and upt to 10 MHz) - as one of the most supported
   CP/M systems with literaly _all_ possible soft.
b) A Superbrain - This machine is just _way_cool_ -well ok, there's
   some nostalgia about ... For todays CP/M usage I assume a,c,d or e
c) An PC with NEC V2x/3x or just any 8086/88 Machine with a replacement
   by V30/V20 - preferly a high performance PC like an IBM-PC (clone)
   with Screamer or any higher clock rate clone.
d) One of the 'modern' Dual CPU S100 systems (any manufacturer).
e) look for a Z180 (HD64180) machine - they are available in flavours
   until 20 MHz.

I assumed that we where talking about CP/M-80 (and to some extend CP/M-86).
Well, a) is of course a good choice if space is a reason, since you'll
get two classic systems at once, while c) is possibly the best choice
to get a maximum performance at minimum cost - and you are able to run
CP/M-80 and CP/M-86 and MS-DOS - with some trick even seamless without
reboot - just start the programms :)


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