From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 10:27:46 1999

> > My question concerns insurance, and is the reason I was referred to this
> > fine gathering. Does anyone here carry insurance against fire (or theft?!)
> > for their collections?

> IIRC my home contents insurance doesn't cover my collection. I intend to change
> that... man~ana...

My home insurance covers 'hobby' artefacts only as long as they are
within the 'usual' range - which means in most cases less than 5%
of the total secured values.

> When I brought a Tek 4052 to the USA for the VCF last year, I insured it for
> 2000 pounds (about $3000 US), which cost me 100 pounds just for the 2 weeks I
> was out of the UK. With a policy excess of 100 pounds, I didn't bother claiming
> for the minor chassis bends and keyboard damamge when the airline dropped it.
> It still worked, after all!

Oops - you dindn't tell that.

> I don't know whether my insurance experience is typical. Anyone else?

Well, like always, insurance is about paying a lot and getting ZERO.


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