AS400 saved from dumpster (apparently)

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 13:13:20 1999

This suggests perhaps a hunting theory;

        Put out a big dumpster that says "COMPUTER EQUIPMENT ONLY"
        and set up a small blind perhaps 45' away ( you don't want
        to scare the prey ) then have it manned round the clock by
        collector/volunteers watching. As soon as a truck pulls up
        you swoop down and rescue the gear. You might need some
        decoys so maybe a keyboard and an old terminal in a box
        next to the dumpster would help.


At 01:02 PM 9/3/99 -0500, Jay West wrote:
>When I got downstairs, someone in another office downstairs had seen the
>same thing and was already handing the guy cash for the system.
>I found it amusing.....
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