AS400 saved from dumpster (apparently)

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 13:08:22 1999

> This suggests perhaps a hunting theory;
> Put out a big dumpster that says "COMPUTER EQUIPMENT ONLY"
> and set up a small blind perhaps 45' away ( you don't want
> to scare the prey ) then have it manned round the clock by
> collector/volunteers watching. As soon as a truck pulls up
> you swoop down and rescue the gear. You might need some
> decoys so maybe a keyboard and an old terminal in a box
> next to the dumpster would help.
> --Chuck

*laugh* Might want to put a fairly thick cushion of foam rubber inside it,
in case the quarrey is fast enough to get the machine into the dumpster before
being pounced. (and to save cash, since once it's in your dumpster it's yours.

Jim Strickland
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