Best CP/M machine?

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sat Sep 4 00:46:03 1999

On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Jim wrote:

> So why did Kaypro or, Non-Linear Systems as it really was I understand, go
> out of business anyway.

Well the actual reason is that the Bankruptcy Court put them into Chapter
7 and closed them down. What led up to that is a rather longer and
involved story which includes expansion faster than they could manage well,
family problems, staying with 8-bitters too long, etc. There were
approximately $20 million in claims against the company at the time of
> I had gotten busy with other endeavers and when I looked about 1989 or 1990
> or so, Kaypro was gone.

Well, not quite, as the actual terminal date was about 10 June 1992. At
that time they had produced and sold more than 750,000 personal computers
- the vast majority of which were the Z-80 based machines. (How does that
figure stack up against Z-80 cards for Apple IIs?)

                                                 - don
> It seemed as if they had enjoyed a good reputation. What exactly went wrong
> if anybody knows?
> Jim
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