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From: LordTyran <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 23:40:10 1999


> but the Amiga isn't. When I finally
> figured out how the A520 worked, all I could get on my Apple composite
> monitor was a green screen with a blank area at the top(looked kinfa like
> the video is off a bit inside the monitor, which is partially true but it's
> not THAT bad... just some hidden text on the edge usually) which blinks
> maybe every 10-15 seconds or so. No sounds, no text, not really any video
> at all. The power light is kinda flashing, maybe once every second or
> two(haven't timed it yet). Any ideas on what's wrong? I'll hold off on the
> how do I use it questions until after I finish raiding the local library of
> the computer books, but feel free to send me any tips and tricks for these
> systems...
k This could be a fairly easy fix or a pain in the arse... Open up the
case (Quite a few screws aroudn the perimeter... either philips or hex
head depending on revision (don't remember which came first)), turn right
side up, remove top carefully, unplug keyboard and LED cables (noting
polarity), remove the shielfding right above the expansion (Bus?) ... this
might require removing all of the shielding; I don't remember. At any rate
there are a few tabs in addition to the screws; be careful as these break
easily. Reseat the 68000 chip and replace the sheilding and cover (you may
want to just plug the keyboard and LEDs back in to make sure that it
works). Hopefully this will remedy the problem... if not... ugh...

If the machine has 1.3 ROMs (most likely) I can maek you a copy of my
AmigaOS 1.3 disks if you need them... I also have a few cover disks and

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