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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sat Sep 4 01:51:17 1999

--- Gareth Knight <> wrote:
> >all I could get on my Apple composite
> > monitor was a green screen with a blank area at the top
> A green screen is a Chip memory error or a loose connection between the
> chips and socket. Take the cover off and check the connection.

It tends to be a loose Agnes chip. In the A500, C= later shipped a metal
clip to attempt to hold it together in shipping. While the machine is
open, check the integrity of the Agnus socket (the big square one in the
middle of the board). If a previous owner tried to remove the Fat Agnes
without a PLCC extractor, it's possible that they goobered up the socket.
Mostly, as long as there isn't a vertical crack from the top of a corner
down towards the PCB, you are probably OK for this problem.

If no crack, press on the Fat Agnes to re-seat it. It might click as it


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