3rd Party DEC boards

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Date: Sat Sep 4 07:32:09 1999

>OK, I've got basically everything easy to come up with any kind of ID,
>inventoried, a bunch of it's pretty much unmarked, so will take some
>looking. Does anyone know what any of this is?
> DCW-RL02

Well, it emulates a RL02, one would assume...

> MTI MLV11M-3

DLV11 clone

> MLSi-LP11

LP11 clone (line printer interface)

> MZV8-11 minntronics (50-ping ribbon cable)

DZV11 clone?

> RLV112

DLV11 clone, again.


Sigma-rebranded version of the Webster WQESD ESDI controller. (DSD and
Qualogy also rebranded Webster boards.)

> SRQD11-A/03 Webster

Webster MFM controller

> CAMBEX 207-115-600 (RAM Board?)

Yep, count the chips to determine the capacity.

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