TK50 and stuck tape

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Date: Mon Sep 6 13:39:11 1999

> There is plenty of tape around the reel in the drive, so I tried to apply
>power to see if it would rewind. The drive would wind for perhaps a second
>three times, then stop completely and flash the red light. Looks to me as if
>the motor isn't spinning properly...suggestions?

I suspect that one of the optical sensors is obscured by dust. If you've
got a source of (clean!) compressed air, or a nitrogen cylinder around,
try blowing out around:

1. The LED and photodiode that are on the "far" side of the head (the
side towards the rear of the TK50). These detect "stripes" that are in
the leader.

2. The LED and photodiode that are around the spindle on the far side
of the head. This is a bit more complicated - you have to remove
several screws, and it's probably best if you pull whatever tape remains
before trying this. When you get the cover off you'll see the little
rotational encoder wheel that the LED's shine through - make sure this
is clean, too, but don't bend it!

To pull the tape, pull back on the solenoid (right side of the drive,
near the front), move the lever, and pull the cartridge out. Now pull
all the tape out - preferably right into the garbage can!

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