TK50 and stuck tape

From: Chris Cureau <>
Date: Mon Sep 6 16:47:46 1999

> 1. The LED and photodiode that are on the "far" side of the head (the
> side towards the rear of the TK50). These detect "stripes" that are in
> the leader.

    I think I've found this pair...the whole wheel came out when
unscrewed...connected to a plastic strip on the bottom. Cleaned this pair. And
managed to get the tape out more or less intact.

> 2. The LED and photodiode that are around the spindle on the far side
> of the head. This is a bit more complicated - you have to remove
> several screws, and it's probably best if you pull whatever tape remains
> before trying this. When you get the cover off you'll see the little
> rotational encoder wheel that the LED's shine through - make sure this
> is clean, too, but don't bend it!

    Not sure about this one...

> To pull the tape, pull back on the solenoid (right side of the drive,
> near the front), move the lever, and pull the cartridge out. Now pull
> all the tape out - preferably right into the garbage can!

    I take it you think the tape isn't worth feeding back through?

    Another curious thing...after I got the tape out, I tried to power the unit up
again. Same thing happened...three short jerks on the spool, and then the
flashing red light. I checked the phototransistor and LED...they seem to be aimed
through the hole in the guide belt. Is it possible that one is not working?

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