TK50 and stuck tape

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Mon Sep 6 15:52:26 1999

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>Hi everyone...
> I was given a MicroVax II over the weekend...looks like it'll be
>something really interesting to work with once I get it running. :-)

        MV-II's run NetBSD (a free Unix) pretty well. Visit for

> It's got a TK50 drive in it with a tape in the drive that won't come
>out. From what I remember of the TK50s, you push the red button in,
>wait for the green light to come on, and then pull the lever under the
>tape upwards to eject it. Unfortunately, I don't hear any tape noises

        Actually, that's backwards. The red button gets popped OUT to rewind and
unload the tape. Once that cycle completes, the green light comes on and
you can lift the handle.

        Others have already detailed the necessary steps for removing dud tapes.

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