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Date: Mon Sep 6 16:00:34 1999

>ALSO, I am about to try out (if I can get a degausser) some TK50 tapes
>in a TK70. But I want to be able to have both the TK50 and a TK70
>tape drive on line.

You certainly can!

> I have done a SYSGEN and the MUX.SYS device driver
>allows two devices, (MU0: and MU1:), but I don't have the dip switch
>settings for alternate CSR values. Can anyone help? PLEASE?

On both the TQK50 and TQK70, the CSR is set by jumpers, not by DIPswitches.
(the DIPswitches on a TK50 actually set the rev level reported by TMSCP
inquiry commands, which changed more often than the CSR's at one point!)
The default CSR is 774500. The CSR must be a multiple of 4, so the low two
bits are always zero, and the CSR must be in the I/O page, so the high
5 bits are always on. The in-between bits are set with the jumpers near
the edge connectors. Seen with the edge connectors to the bottom, the
default looks like:

   XXXXXX (jumper in for CSR's starting with 77, jumper out for 76)

   . . |- a "4"
   . . /

   . . |- a "5"

   . . \
   . . |- a "0"
   . . /

   . . jumper in if last digit is "4", out if a "0".

The "autoconfigure" CSR selection for a second TK50 in a system is 760404,
though of course this moves around if you've got other second controllers
in the systems, or a serial multiplexer, and of course RT-11 doesn't care
a damn bit about autoconfigure rules as you've got to manually configure
it anyway :-)

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