End of Prodigy Classic

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Geoff Roberts wrote:

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> Subject: End of Prodigy Classic
> > Prodigy discontinuing thier Prodigy Classic service on October 1.
> > a bank of outmoded minicomputers and mainframes
> Any idea what they are? I seem to recall that the original Compu$erve ran
> on Pr1mes of
> some kind, but no idea what Prodigy used. Vaxen? IBM 370's?

Actually, CompuServe ran on PDP-10 (DecSystem 10's) and System Concepts
DecSystem 10 clones.

Compuserve (which began as MicroNet) actually reengineered pieces of the
10 and designed their own switching power supply for KL-10's and rewrote
a large part of the OS.

Interestingly enough, they also let you get down to KL-10 timesharing
level if you wanted to and they let you write your own programs
to run on their machines.

They also invented the Gif file and two protocols for file transfer over
RS232 (CIS-A and CIS-B).

The Source ran on Prime systems.

Delphi (General Videotex?) ran on Vax 11/780's.

I subscribed to all three at different times.

> > Is anybody going after those computers? Sounds like a very historically
> > significant groups of systems.
> I'd have to agree, hopefully they will find an honourable retirement with
> someone,
> a museum should be interested, given the significance of the service they
> ran.

Sounds reasonable.
They probably will get scrapped, though. I figure they'll be Prime
spare parts for folks still running Prime systems. Still better
than gold scrap.

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