End of Prodigy Classic

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Date: Tue Sep 7 21:19:59 1999

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> Actually, CompuServe ran on PDP-10 (DecSystem 10's) and System Concepts
> DecSystem 10 clones.

Oh, ok.

> Interestingly enough, they also let you get down to KL-10 timesharing
> level if you wanted to and they let you write your own programs
> to run on their machines.

Interesting. Can't see them allowing that these days. The world has

> They also invented the Gif file and two protocols for file transfer over
> RS232 (CIS-A and CIS-B).

Yep. knew that.

> The Source ran on Prime systems.

Ah, yes, it was them I misremembered.

> Delphi (General Videotex?) ran on Vax 11/780's.

heard of Delphi, that's about it.

> They probably will get scrapped, though. I figure they'll be Prime
> spare parts for folks still running Prime systems. Still better
> than gold scrap.

So it WAS Primes that ran/run Prodigy then?


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