Suggestions needed! I screwed up bigtime.

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Wed Sep 8 10:31:17 1999

Okay, remember that PBX? I may lose it today.
I dragged the thing in to work. But I forgot one minor thing:

They don't want it there.

So now, I have to move the thing out, and before I go home for the day.
Trying to convince my boss to let me keep it here is a lost cause.
My only two options are to get creative and find a way to save it fast,
or to pull the cards out (Those have mercury in them), save the doco, and
push it out by the dumpster & forgot I ever saw it. Obviously I'd hate
having to do that. But I can't take it home with me (My parents already
said no) and I can't get it back to SSI (The van I used before is no longer
available) and I'm asking for suggestions. I'd really hate having to know
that a perfectly good piece of gear is gonna have to be destroyed because
of a stupid mistake on my part.

Alternately: Anyone withing driving range of Peoria, IL want a PBX?
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