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Date: Wed Sep 8 08:14:31 1999

> After the KayPro 2x in the line came the Kaypro 4-84 with the 300 Bd modem

These seemed to be the most common. However when ever asked my KayproII
is an oddball. Apparently there lots of mods as mine has 2mb ramdisk,
handyman roms and advent turborom plus the fron pannel from everyone I"ve
spoken to is two HH drives vertical and acoording to some they should be
horizontal. then the PC card is definately 4/84 but no modem or host
interface, go figure. Runs good and with the tubrorom and the advent
personality card inplace I have three drives, one 3.5" pulled from a ps2
internally, one 3.5" on the front pannel next to the native 360k
5.25" drive. The 3.5" drives using turborom get me 781k per drive and
that's pretty roomy for CPM.

> Next came the KayPro 10 with a 10 Mb hard drive that I couldn't fathom
> anybody needing in 1984. Besides, a Kaypro 10 set you back almost $2800,
> most of that increase was for that hard drive.

By then my s100 crate was up to a pair of them! I have to agree I never
figured I'd fill them but having everything on line was very handy.

> I think the KayPro's were attractive to people like me as they came with all
> the operating software you needed. It was all in one box that was real easy
> to set up, and it worked. The price seemed cheap compared to what you got
> with the IBM's and Apples.

I got mine from the original owner with the printer and a full box of
disks and manuals most original with the machine.

> were still KayPro dealers selling the cp/m KayPro's in small town America.
> They had dissapeared off the shelves in Los Angeles long before then.

I've seen them in active use thorugh '95 becuase they worked and there was
software for both PCs (to read the cpm disks) and the kaypro (to read 350k
dos) disks!

I still use mine along with my PX-8 as I have them and they work.

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