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Date: Wed Sep 8 12:31:10 1999

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>These seemed to be the most common. However when ever asked my KayproII
>is an oddball. Apparently there lots of mods as mine has 2mb ramdisk,
>handyman roms and advent turborom plus the fron pannel from everyone I"ve
>spoken to is two HH drives vertical and acoording to some they should be

Yes, I remember some aftermarket companies selling their own version of the
KayPro. I think I do remember one with vertical drives installed and
whatever else they did under the hood. There were a few that managed to get
four 1/2 height drives in there somehow.

I remember you either bought a KayPro and sent it to them or bought one they
had already modified.

I think most of the mods eventually became model changes by KayPro such as
the 1/2 height 360 K drives and a nifty little fold out rack on the bottom
to hold the machine at the proper angle. At first you were supposed to sit
the box on the back edge of the keyboard, but if it fell off while you were
reading or writing a disk, big problems.

What are you going to use the KayPro-10 for anyway in the 1999's ?

I still have a Pakard Hell XT in my storage to figure out what to do with.



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