Kaypro 10

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Date: Wed Sep 8 15:36:03 1999

> I think most of the mods eventually became model changes by KayPro such as
> the 1/2 height 360 K drives and a nifty little fold out rack on the bottom
> to hold the machine at the proper angle. At first you were supposed to sit
> the box on the back edge of the keyboard, but if it fell off while you were
> reading or writing a disk, big problems.

Mine has that, all the ones I've ever seens have that, I thought it was

> What are you going to use the KayPro-10 for anyway in the 1999's ?

Runs most of my Xasms, a few engineering models I use and makes a dandy

I presume you really wanted that from the original author.

> I still have a Pakard Hell XT in my storage to figure out what to do with.

Sheesh, it's a computer, compute with it! REally use it for text
processing where a gui is not the not setup. Install Minix and learn
about OSs.

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