VCF Exhibitor List (current as of 9/8/99)

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Sep 8 20:24:51 1999

Here are the current exhibitors at VCF 3.0:

Charles Notley
Shift Reset - Heathkit H89

Doug Salot
Early Toy Computers

david dameron
Conway's Game of Life

Wayne M.
IBM 5100 Model B2 and Peripherals

Dwight Elvey
4004 Developement System

Dwight Elvey
Single Plywood Board Computer

Tom Belpasso
First CMOS uP with homebrew FORTH

Jim Willing
PDP-8/e - EDUSystem 25 TimeShared BASIC

Jim Willing
Altair 8800 - MITS TimeShared BASIC

Jim Willing
Heathkit Educational RObots

Mike McManus
Osborne Shelly

John G.

Hans Franke
Der Sozialismus ist unaufhaltsamm

Michael Kan
Real-Time Software Bench Testing environment

Liza Loop
The First Apple I and Other Highlights of Early Microcomuputers in Learning Environments

Jordan Ruderman
Exhibit - Sol

Jordan Ruderman

Jordan Ruderman
Osborne III

Derek Peschel
Marchant model ACR8M calculator

Commodore PET 2001

What will YOU be bringing to exhibit?

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