Kaypro 10

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Wed Sep 8 21:13:55 1999

<function for a given piece of hardware. Someone dumped a 286 & 12" green
<mono monitor at our store a few years back. Instead of throwing it out, I
<spent a couple of afternoons patching together some C code, a few batch
<files, and some other odds & ends and it's served us well as our cash
<register ever since. It also cranks out our monthly state sales tax report
<and maintains our customer database. 52 MB hard drive, 24 MB free -- I
<imagine we'll be using it every day for years to come.

Therein lies the appeal of many old machines to me. I can use them as
single point applications as they were cheap and do it well. The up
side is some are really interesting!

<Cost: $0.

Call me Yankee but, it's a frugal thing.

<I even have a couple of business apps (Tony Duell, don't gag ;>) which I ru
<on my Sinclair machines . . . just crank up the old imagination, Jim, and
<surely you'll come up with some good use for that old "clunker."

Oh, I forgot one. There's a program called "checks" that can be found on
the WC CDrom and the OAK.oakland.edu archives. Runs nicely on the kaypro.
Theres a lot of messydos and CPM software out there in the archives waiting
to be used.

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