Britain is Great (Back from the Island)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 12:35:40 1999


well, I'm back from the island (best regards to Phillip)
and I can only encurage everyone to scrooge their car
boot sales - I found:

- an Amstrad CPC 464 at GBP 5 (Ok, not exactly rare, but
since I had only the Schneider OEM versions until today,
the colourfull keyboard gives a distinctive new look :)

- a C64 at GBP 7 (Well, again not exactly rare, but never
used and original packed it's worth a look)

- A BBC at GBP 3 (Now, again not unusual, but getting a
Z80 and a 6502 tube module included and a bib box of
documentation it's quite a nice find)

- an Olivetti PC-1 at GBP 2 (!) (Now thats unusual - I've
been searching for years to get one of these)

AND - tataaaa - an HP 46 Calculator with installed display
option, including the original plastic coffer and in _realy_
good (working) condition at (another ta taa) only GBP 3 !!!
(Well, the Old lady asked if three pounds may be to much ...)

What a Sunday - and some Stupid Faces at the Lufthansa
counter at LHR when they charged me GBP 85 for excess
baggage, and I told them that these are old Computers ...

Well, never mind, I still belive the HP is a #1 item. BTW:
has anybody more info about it ? (I still managed it _not_
to open the machine :)


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