Britain is Great (Back from the Island)

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 16:45:01 1999

At 05:36 PM 9/10/99 +1, you wrote:
>AND - tataaaa - an HP 46 Calculator with installed display
>option, including the original plastic coffer and in _realy_
>good (working) condition at (another ta taa) only GBP 3 !!!
>(Well, the Old lady asked if three pounds may be to much ...)

   Cool find! Especially in the UK. I have five of them including two
with consecutive serial numbers. I found four of them at one time at
Patrick AFB. What do you want to know about them? BTW I know the display
was listed as an option but I think they ALL came with it. I've never heard
of one that didn't have it.

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